As an International Diamond Association member, Pinnacle Abrasive takes your business seriously and service to you one step further.

Our Mission

Our mission at Pinnacle Abrasives is to facilitate our customers development of cutting, grinding and polishing processes with the use of super abrasive materials from China through our base in the U.S. We are abreast of the of the needs of the diamond abrasives industry and, through our facilities overseas bring products from the leading super abrasive manufacturers to you through our base in California.

Our Goals

Our goals at Pinnacle Abrasives are simple:

  • Provide competitive pricing
  • Provide consistently stable and reliable quality
  • Provide fast delivery
  • Leverage our experience to produce custom solutions to meet your service needs

Established in 1998, we work through our overseas facility to obtain material under the highest quality control from the leading super abrasive manufacturers in China. Our trained technicians then provide sorting and sizing processing above that of the manufacturers. After reaching our base in California, our materials are subject to further processing and an even stricter final quality review to ensure consistency and reliability in the products we offer. Having our facility based in the U.S., we can provide you a quick turn-around on orders and relieve you of the headaches and governmental bureaucracy involved with overseas importing.

Our overseas facility also provides coating services to most of the major Chinese diamond manufacturers, enabling us to offer custom coatings for our customers throughout the world. From our base in California, we can work with you to define custom blends of materials which will meet your needs while still maintaining a significant pricing edge over the competition.

Our quality reliability and pricing competitiveness are well known and respected throughout the diamond industry. We are dedicated to ensuring your satisfaction.