Grinding Grit

Pinnacle Abrasive grinding grit products cover a wide spectrum of strength vs sharpness characteristics, from our very sharp CRDL with good self-sharpening performance to our premium quality CMD5, known for its excellent thermal stability and high toughness. Our proprietary CMD and MRD diamond is a carefully measured and controlled blend of crystals to optimize strength/sharpness characteristics to meet specific customer requirements. The various grits can be provided with Ti (titanium), Ni (nickel) and Cu (copper) coatings, or in custom levels to meet customer requirements.

Bonding symbols:   Resin     Vitrified Single Layer     Metal     General Purpose

Yellow, cubo-octahedral crystal, high toughness and excellent thermal stability. Used for the most demanding metal bond applications.
Highly crystalline particle, excellent shock resistance with good thermal stability. Good performance in applications with high grinding forces.
Yellow, blocky, crystalline grits with good fracture strength, low eccentricity. It has good performance over a variety of metal bond applications.
With a combination of blocky and sharp edged particle. It provides good balance between tool wear and finish requirements. For metal bond tools use for glass and ceramics industries.
Yellow green, blocky diamond similar to CMDP. The medium particle strength and good bonding retention make it suitable for electroplated tools and some resin bond applications.
Dark green, combination of blocky and irregular shape crystal. Unique inclusion structure provides balance of particle strength and sharpness, suitable in low temperature bonding tools.
Light yellow crystal, high purity, blocky shape with sharp edge and rough fracture surface, good thermal strength, make it good for many grinding applications especially for electroplated tools.
Light yellow blocky crystal with very sharp-edge, rough fracture surfaces. For use in tools requiring low abrasive strength and fast cutting.
Yellow-green crystals with rough surface, a carefully controlled blend of blocky and sharp-edged particles. This blend of materials can be adjusted to enhance the various performance characteristics to meet customer objectives while providing economic benefits. Tightly controlled blending ensures consistent quality for this general purpose material.
Like CMD, MRD is a carefully controlled, proportionally blended diamond with blocky and sharp-edged particles. It has an irregular outer surface with an internal micro chip structure. Irregular shape enhances bonding retention, while chipping structure increases friability, resulting in enhanced tool life. Provides good results in tungsten carbide and PCD grinding.

Grinding Grits Diamond Strength vs Sharpness

CRD group macro The CRD group has a fine micro-chip structure which fractures in smaller particles, providing self-sharpening cutting edges. Some items can be used in vitrified bonds. Metal cladding available for use in resin bond tools. CRDM CRDM
Yellow/dark grey crystal, toughest grit in our CRD line for tough applications on hard to grind materials
Dark grey, medium friable crystal with higher degree of micro-chip structure. Good self-sharpening properties, less mosaic giving longer life and better surface finish.
Dark grey/black particles with evenly grown micro-chip structure which has good strength while still providing good self-sharpening performance. Suitable for resin bond and some vitrified bonds.
Grey to black, very friable premium grade grit with sharp edges, good self-sharpening performance.
Dark gray to black, very friable grit with rough surface edges, excellent self-sharpening performance. Ideal for high precision grinding.

Grinding Grits Diamond Size Availability

30% Coating
Regular rough surface Ni cladding. Available for CRDP, CMDP, CMDS, CRD group diamond and CBN generally available in 30%, 56% and 60% coating layers. Custom coating percentages also available.Bonding: Resin
56% Coating
Extra rough surface Ni cladding. Available for CRD group diamond and CBN in 30%, 56% and 60% coating layers.Bonding: Resin
Cu Cladding
Cu Cladding
Copper cladding. Available for CRD group diamond with a 50% coating layer.Bonding: Resin