Pinnacle Abrasives micron products are derived by our manufacturers from the highest quality diamond. After milling and grading, these powders are scanned and sized using state of the art systems.. Particle Size Distribution reports are reviewed (and available) for each lot to ensure that you receive a consistent, high quality material throughout the range of available powders.

These are ideal products for machining, grinding, honing, precision polishing and finishing. Metal coatings are available for products in sizes 8-12μ and coarser.


mpp MPP
Economical product with angular shaped particles, high purity and normal size distribution.
Used in tools for grinding and polishing of pcd, ceramics, stone.
mpp+ MPP+
Higher particle strength, more uniform shape than MPP, high purity, providing enhanced tool life.
Used in tools for grinding and polishing pcd, glass, ceramics and gem stones.
rpp RPP
Irregular particle shape with micro-chipping structure, maintains good self-sharpening performance. Used for resin and ceramic bond products.

Micron Diamond Powder Size Availability